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Rigging Natural Baits

Rigging Natural Baits pic

Rigging strip baits
"There are actually several kinds of strip baits you can make although the best known here in Thailand is the Panama strip bait, cut from the belly section of a Dolphin, small Tuna or Rainbow runner..."


Bridle rigging
"The Bridle rig is the standard method of rigging a large live bait, such as a Skipjack tuna for slow trolling..."


Nose rigging
"Nose rigging is a quick way to rig any baitfish for trolling or as a drop back bait..."


Rigging a Ballyhoo
"Ballyhoo are the mainstay of charter fleets up and down the East coast of the USA, as well as other spots around the world..."


Rigging an eel for trolling
"Don't dismiss eels when looking around the fish markets for suitable baits..."


Rigging a Squid for trolling
"There probably isn't a fish in the sea that won't eat squid if given the opportunity..."


Rigging a swimming Mullet
(Coming soon)



Good Fishing!

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