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A selection of hooks from Maruto, Mustad, Miriabu, VMC and our own Pro rigger commercial swordfish hooks. Always check hooks for sharpness before use and carefully sharpen with a file or an oil stone if necessary. Never use an electric grinder for sharpening, the heat will remove the temper from the hooks severely weakening them. 
Don't forget that you can make your hooks last longer in saltwater by using an anode sleeve.

Full range Full range
Hooks from Mustad, Maruto, Miriabu, VMC and Captain Peter Bristow's world renowned big game hooks
Single hooks Single hooks
A range of hooks suitable for trolling and bait fishing
Double  hooks Double hooks
Double fish hooks
Treble hooks Treble hooks
Treble fish hooks
Circle hooks Circle hooks
Mustad circle hooks and Maruto circle hooks
Big game hooks Big game hooks
Hooks for marlin, tuna, swordfish and sharks
Saltwater fly hooks Saltwater fly hooks
Hooks for saltwater fly fishing
Special purpose hooks Special purpose hooks
Trolling hooks, circle hooks, livebait hooks, live bait hooks, deep dropping hooks
Mustad hooks Mustad hooks
Mustad fish hooks
Maruto hooks Maruto hooks
Maruto fish hooks

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